About Fuhu, Yagoozon and other successes

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It's fun to peruse the 2013 Inc. 5000 List. Fuhu won the competition for fastest growing company, with a 3-year growth rate of 42,148% . In comparison the runner up, FederalConference.com, only grew by 24,831%. The keys to Fuhu's success were LARGE bulk sales and hawking accessories. Underselling the competition requires creative management! Among the top 10 fastest growing winners are two consumer product companies and two advertising and marketing companies. The single categories include: government services, health, energy, real estate, financial services and retail. I like to study...

Innovative HTML5 Content Management System!

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New Media and More covers lots of marketing and related topics, media, and many aspects of websites. With this post, we'll kick off the New Year with a stretch into a new medium… of exchange, but retract to our bread-and-butter focus by promoting its currency (pun) by many channels, but not TV channels. What is your opinion of BITCOIN? Is it a fad? An in-your-face attack on the Federal Reserve? The next BIG thing? A Chinese plot? When Overstock.com recently added it to their methods of payment, many began to wonder… To learn more, you can read about it on my test website that...

A bad idea at 2013 Idea Festival

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Louisville hosted another outstanding Idea Festival in September. A curious lecture (they all are) was "Sherman and the March to the Sea." The speaker was Brooks Donohue Simpson, an American historian and Foundation Professor of History at Arizona State University. With a name like William Tecumseh Sherman, one could expect the man to have a fierce side. Tecumseh was leader of the Shawnee nation that opposed the U.S. in the early 19th century. Sherman was not skilled at winning battles, so he conceived the idea of terrorizing the white Southerners by going through their communities to...

Now on FastZone

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Live Tiles tell Microsoft's numbers New Web Technologies Update on SEO Mobile App News Summer 2013 eLetter featuring Finding Massive Niches Microsoft Compact Edition Database jQuery Mobile demonstration (link to) Office 365 Excel and Access Excitement Open Source Links Google Analytics Advances to KISSmetrics...

Unique New Media!

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Be first in your city to introduce an interactive outdoor sign that speaks a different message to adults and children. See an example below:

Are you falling for the vanilla flavor in a CMS?

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Why not rather be passionate? It's always disturbing when I'm relaxing at night to see a TV commercial for 1and1.com or another such competitor to DAY Communications' wonderful services. It's painful because-- what can they offer that I can't? Nothing! You just get an interface rather than a real face (consultation), a template rather than a custom design, and "wal-mart" server solutions rather than intelligent IIS hosting ( see details ). What does 1and1.com offer? They'll give you a cookie-cutter "professional web presence" with "high-quality designs...

Sources for Innovation

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, "Why Innovation Won't Save Us," stated many discouraging facts about the US and its economic realities. (Dec 22, 2012, by Robert J. Gordon) This was helpful, because innovation is most successful when its practitioners STUDY a real-life situation in need of improvement. Mr. Gordon described and defined many aspects we need to analyze and ponder, and that in itself is a start. The maven of innovation, Peter F. Drucker (1909-2005), tirelessly wrote and lectured on the need for the systematic, managed, purposeful and organized search for changes...

FastZone welcomes Independent Piping, Inc.

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IPI is a union mechanical contractor serving Kentucky and Indiana. DAY Communications designed and produced advertising materials and their initial website a number of years ago. Their pocket folder is still useful so they chose to stick with a website design that complements their print materials when their site was recently updated. The updated site, hosted on FastZone.com, features "Fluid CSS design" to look good on all devices, and adds a Google Map. Please call on us to update your print materials or website....

Learn why Kentucky means business

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Have you read the 2012 Kentucky Economic Development Guide? It's online!...

Fluid Design in Demand

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The web never stands still! No sooner were mobile sites and pages the topic du jour than new ways to create them began to emerge. Fluid stylesheets allow a site to be viewed at its full width on a desktop browser, and conveniently "collapsed" to more narrow widths for devices with smaller screens. FastZone Welcomes Kentuckiana Nursing Service During the Spring of 2012 we designed some sites using this type of code. Below, the Kentuckiana Nursing website home page is shown full-width and at right, as it collapses with the masthead image shrinking to fit a new width. It is the same webpage...